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Ampuku is an oriental philosophy linking mind and body through the energy paths in the body. Ampuku puts the center of these energy paths in the Hara or stomach. At we provide an interactive atmosphere to share your alternative medicine experiences with others. This blog will allow me to promote our philosophy in more depth.

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Lived in the Orient for 27 Years. Studied the Ampuku philosophy under three mentors in Japan. What I learned changed my life. It just may change yours.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Safety of all natural products

Just because a product is "All Natural" do not assume that is without side effect or toxin; even if it is so claimed!

Please take this warning to heart. Especially with supplements which are not monitored nor governed by FDA. Listen to advertisements very carefully. Listen to this advertisement which recently played on the radio. Notice how many times they say the word "may"? Actually, they never said it "did anything" for sure. (Don't forget to adjust your sound before clicking the link!)

Consider the words "All Natural" also refers to all poisons in their natural form like some mushrooms, angel trumpet, and many plants. I wonder what would happen if you rubbed poison ivy all over your skin or even ate it. It is all natural is it not?

As we mentioned before; supplements are not regulated by the FDA which means their claims are not reviewed, substantiated, nor approved by the FDA. You must be very careful when starting a supplement regiment. We most certainly recommend you consult your physician. And as you'll hear us say over and over again; Alternative Medicine does not replace conventional medicine but works together with it. Involve your physician with any alternative therapies you are considering. If he/she does not believe in any alternative therapies; ask why! If the answer given does not concern a specific and known reaction to your medical condition; maybe you should get a second opinion. My brother is a General Practitioner, with a reputation in the international health community for his expertise in cholesterol, does not believe in any alternative therapies. I no longer ask for his advise in these matters; only for matters involving cholesterol. Had my oncologist believed in holistic care during my cancer, a major contraindication may have been adverted. My severe post nasal drip presented a severe problem during radiation treatment when the radiation solidified the phlegm in my throat essentially choking me. A holistic oncologist would have found that probability during the pre-exam as he considered the whole body (and mind) while treating a small portion of it.

Remember, many over the counter medications can adversely affect the safety and effectiveness of herbs and supplements and vice versa.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Welcome to the Ampuku Wellness Therapy Blog

Our first blog is more of a welcome that anything else; describing what Ampuku is about and what to expect from future postings.

First: What is Ampuku? Where did it come from? What is it to me?

Originally, Ampuku was a philosophy that combined mind and body in a single entity that was controlled by energy flows navigating the mind and body through pathways. The centre of these pathways was the Hara (Stomach). By stimulating these pathways in the Hara, one could correct or fine tune the ability for all the body systems to work together keeping the mind and body healthy and at peak performance. Ampuku Wellness Therapy takes what I learned from my mentors to another level. Summed up in what we call the 5 R's of Ampuku. It may be considered by some westerners to be rebellious to their way of thinking. And indeed it is. However, it is not a Western philosophy but an Eastern one, so that it would promote non-western ideas is not surprising. I studied Ampuku in Towada-ko, Japan in the mid-sixties under three practitioners that reorganized the philosophy after the lifting of General MacArthur's ban on massage during the American occupation of Japan. It seems that the West was not ready to deal with Ampuku's claim to actually heal the body. After the lifting of the ban, other forms of Japanese/Eastern massage took up where they left off; Ampuku's claims kept them in the background.

What is it to you? Consider what it is to me.
  • I drank like a fish; looking at life through the distorted glass fish bowl. I no longer drink- not even socially.
  • I smoked up to 3 packs of cigarettes a day for over 35 years. I no longer smoke. Quit cold turkey; no pills, no patches, no interventions.
  • I had been diagnosed with "Classic Migraine Syndrome" and on as many as 7 tranquilizers a day; every day for 24 years. I have been migraine free for over 6 years. I do not even take pain-killers. No pills, no pain, no hospitals.
  • I am a cancer survivor. No side effects of the Radiation treatment. No Chemotherapy. No surgery. No Cancer; I have been cancer free 4 years now!

Most importantly, it is a drug-free (prescription drugs) alternative for everyone. Our non-profit interactive site is a good place to read all about experiences with not just Ampuku but other alternatives to conventional medicine or share your own.

In future postings, I will be providing alternatives on many health calamities you may be facing.

It was great talking with you.