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Ampuku is an oriental philosophy linking mind and body through the energy paths in the body. Ampuku puts the center of these energy paths in the Hara or stomach. At we provide an interactive atmosphere to share your alternative medicine experiences with others. This blog will allow me to promote our philosophy in more depth.

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Lived in the Orient for 27 Years. Studied the Ampuku philosophy under three mentors in Japan. What I learned changed my life. It just may change yours.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Really addictions or crutches to justify one's inability to overcome a problem? This is how Ampuku looks at what we call addictions:
  • The brain is the body's regulator. It regulates the hormones, the enzymes, the immune and all the major systems in the body. Pain is not pain until the impulse the injured area sends to the brain's receptors is interpreted by the brain which triggers the reflex actions to eliminate the cause (remove hand from hot surface for example) or cause the body to go into shock to protect the injured area (activate the body's self defense system to cause the swelling to protect the area, send in the Calvary to defend against infection or other invasive threat, and release the body's natural pain killer to ease the pain). In other words, everything the body does is on direction by the brain. Any physical activity by the body is by direction from the brain.
  • The controversy is that Ampuku believes there is no physical addiction; only mental addiction. Mental signifying that no matter what the physical symptoms are, the brain must be the one to overcome them. Treating symptoms rather than the problem is where convention medicine significantly differs from alternative medicine. Three times that I can remember, I have tried unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking. The fourth try was successful. Why was the fourth time successful? It was the only time, I "really" wanted to quit. My mind was 100% behind it. The first three times, deep-down I really did not want to quit. Because my mind was on my side, I quit cold turkey; without intervention, patches, without aid. I did not have to fight my mind; only convince "myself" that I really wanted to quit.
  • If you take the latest way to quit smoking by way of injection; do you really think an injection can change the way your mind thinks forever. I do not. If it worked permanently; it would be brainwashing and every military faction in the world would be after it.
  • I admit there are temporary ways to treat addiction like the current treatment for Heroine addiction available in some parts of this country. Acupuncture is being used to intercept the impulse sent to the brain that creates the craving for the drug. The conjecture is the same for all addictions: prevent the impulse and the brain's receptors never recognize it so it does not present itself.
  • I have used this philosophy to quit smoking and prescription drug therapy without outside intervention, patches, gums, or injections.

What this really means to you is that unless you really want to quit smoking or other habits, nothing will work permanently. You have to "want" to quit before any of these treatments will work permanently. Then if that was true; you could have done it yourself without outside intervention. You have more control over your addiction than you think.

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